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10Aug 2020

Working from home, telecommuting, is a perk for employees and has significant benefits to the employer. However, with these benefits come additional risks. One such risk is injuries to workers that are ergonomic in nature. Is the employee’s home office the kitchen table or the breakfast nook or a kitchen island or a lap desk […]

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15Sep 2020

The National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction is this week, September 14-18, 2020. Started in 2012 to raise awareness about falls from heights as the leading cause of injuries and fatalities in construction. The alarming, yet not unexpected, statistic is that the number of fall-related fatalities are coming disproportionately from small residential construction […]

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16Aug 2020

In this time of change due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there have been many operational changes in every industry. One of the things that changed significantly has been how training has been delivered regardless of the topic or the audience. In the recent past, training was, primarily, conducted in-person, both the Instructor and students. Now, […]

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16Jun 2020

Let me tell you a personal story about heat stress. A couple of weeks ago, I made plans to remove the stove pipe from the roof and living room as we no longer had the wood stove for which the stove pipe was installed when the house was built about 20 years ago. The living […]

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20May 2020

It is said that “hindsight is 20/20”. The smart thing to do is to take the lessons learned and apply them to future events. In the case of COVID-19, what have we learned? Consider these two questions: How should we have handled the initial COVID-19 outbreak? How should we handle the recurrence of a COVID-19 […]

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17Apr 2020

As we are waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to be declared over and we can all go back to normal, whatever that is, or if we will ever go back completely to pre-COVID-19 routines, it is time to determine what we have learned from these past months and how to incorporate the learnings into the […]

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